What is DYMMAX protocol?

  • 100% contract security;
  • high premiums;
  • low liquidity.
  • the ability to hedge low collateral positions;
  • increased profitability of speculative transactions.

How DYMMAX Protocol Works

  • No slippage when making a deal;
  • No spread when entering the market;
  • All participants receive options at the same and better prices;
  • All participants receive contracts with an ATM strike, regardless of the moment of submission of the application.
  • Leverage up to 20:1;
  • Limited risk when the market moves in the opposite direction;
  • The ability to profit from falling and stagnating markets;
  • Long-term portfolio insurance;
  • Risk management for market makers;
  • Tokenization of issued options;
  • Instant profit-taking in the secondary market.
  • Option strategies based on an innovative protocol;
  • Review of the beta version of the DYMMAX platform;
  • How to increase profits using option strategies;
  • Trading options in a volatile market.



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The DYMMAX protocol includes a platform for making transactions and working with an auction is in beta.